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SUMMER HOLIDAY - Thursday 25th July to Monday 2nd September - Inset Day: Tuesday 3rd September - CHILDREN RETURN TO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Late/Absence Procedures


It is necessary for parents/carers to contact the school for any non-attendance on the first day of absence to give an explanation for the absence and to advise when we can reasonably expect your child to return to school. This is to ensure the safety of every child. Please note that if no reason is provided then the absence will not be authorised. The school reserves the right to consider whether the reason for absence is justified.


You can contact the school by telephone, select option 1 to speak to the Attendance Officer or alternatively leave a message on Parentmail.   Messages can be left on the school answerphone outside of school hours.


At Aveley Primary School we have a 'first day calling' policy, for any pupils that are absent from school. This means that you will receive a call from the school attendance officer to find out why your child is not in school. 


Planned Absence

If your child is due to miss school because of  an appointment, please let the school office know. You should bring any evidence of an appointment.  



If you are intending to go on holiday, please complete a Leave of Absence form, the form is available from the school office.

Please note: This is not an entitlement and can only be approved in exceptional circumstance by the Headteacher. Parents may receive a penalty notice if their child is absent from school without permission.  If you require any further information, please contact the school attendance officer.


If your child enters school after 9am, they must report to the school office to be registered. As such they will receive a late mark

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