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Aveley Primary School

A centre of learning since 1914

Respect, Resilience, Responsibility
SUMMER HOLIDAY - Thursday 25th July to Monday 2nd September - Inset Day: Tuesday 3rd September - CHILDREN RETURN TO SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Attitudes to Learning






Over 95%

Between 90-95%

Less than 90%

Punctuality – includes each lesson; lunch; Reflections room etc.

Always on time

Late to school 1-2 times; or late back to class up to 5 times in the term.

Late to school more than twice;

Late back to class more than 5 times.


No reflections or referrals.

No comments from other members of staff or supply.

Up to 5 Reflections.

Comments left regarding negative behaviour/attitude by other members of staff or supply.

Behaviour Referral

More than 5 reflections in a term. 


Always tries their best in all their work.

Generally works to best of their ability and participates in most activities.

Occasionally applies themselves to their work and may participate in activities.


Always completes all homework set.

Reads regularly at home. (4 - 5times)

Homework Diary brought to school each day and regularly signed by parent/guardian.

Usually completes all homework set.

Reads occasionally at home (1-3 times )

Homework Diary usually available.

Homework rarely completed.

Rarely reads at home.

Homework Diary rarely in school/lost.


Always in school uniform.

PE Kit always in school.

Follows school dress code including hair tied back; school shoes; no nail varnish; make-up etc.

Usually in school uniform.

Needs reminding about tucking in shirts/correct footwear/nail varnish etc.

Sometimes does not have PE kit.

Has to be regularly reminded about school uniform.

Rarely has PE kit.


Prepared for Learning

Reading book; pencil case etc. always available


Sometimes forgets reading book, pencil case etc.


Rarely prepared for school – reading book; pencil case etc.

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