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Aveley Primary School

A centre of learning since 1914

Respect, Resilience, Responsibility
The cost for Breakfast Club is £7.50 per child, per week payable in advance and irrespective of attendance. £2 per day if not pre-paid the week before.

Who's Who

Headteacher: Miss N. Shadbolt 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S. Viner


Assistant Headteacher/Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mrs T. Hart 

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mr D. Scotcher

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader: Mrs C. Litchfield 

EYFS Phase Leader: Miss M. Dunn 

SENCO: Mrs L. Smith 


Nursery Teacher: Miss L. Roberts

EYFS Teachers: Miss K. McCarthy, Miss H. Rimington, Mrs L. Luckie 

Year 1 Teachers: Miss L. Walton, Miss A. Coady 

Year 2 Teachers: Mr A. Rossiter, Mrs A. Levoir, Miss R. Carey    

Year 3 Teachers: Mrs S. Field, Miss D. Besa

Year 4 Teachers: Mr D. Scotcher, Mrs M. Sparks, Miss A. Ngonyama

Year 5 Teachers: Mr S. McCluskey, Mr K. Neilson

Year 6 Teachers: Mr M.Sisterson, Mrs H. Watts 

Other Teaching Staff: Mrs C. Lynn  Mrs A. Milliken


Pastoral Manager: Mrs M. Kidney 


HLTA's: Mrs S. Jeacock, Mrs V. Vanhegan


LST's: Mrs S. Clout, Mrs K. Davy, Miss L. Downes, Ms. S. East, Mrs T. Fallows, Mrs L. Filipiak, Miss H. Freeman,
            Miss D. Gaish, Mrs J. Hilliard, Mrs G. Hristozova, Mrs T. Jagger,  Miss K. Johnson, Mrs K. Knight,

            Mrs. K. Lorenzen, Mrs K. Lowe, Miss H. Mansell, Mrs A. McPherson, Mr R. Miller, Mrs E. Monk, Miss J. Newitt,

            Miss E. North, Miss J. Parradine, Mrs K. Powell, Mrs S. Saxena-Enright, Miss D. Silcott, Miss D. Sisley,
            Miss M. Smith, Mrs M. Suttling, Mrs M.Trigg, Miss I. Valiukiene


Business Manager: Mrs P. Ayris

Administrative Assistant: Mrs K. Wylde

Attendance Officer: Mrs J. Tonkins

Finance Officer: Mrs F. Stevens


Site Manager: Mr M. Porter

Cleaners: Mrs S. Porter, Mrs P. Hewson, Mrs K. Saliaj, Mrs G. Baranauskiene




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